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Learning Agility drives the performance engine over the long term.

Learning Agility

A learning mindset is critical for leaders and organizations that want to take advantage of disruption. Helping others learn how to learn is central to who we are.

Adopting new business strategies, working across cultures, dealing with temporary or virtual teams, taking on new assignments: these all require flexible, agile leaders. We may nod our heads at this, but what does ‘agile’ really mean? Are some leaders more agile than others? Why?

Researchers at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) and Teachers College, Columbia University asked these same questions, and came to some useful conclusions.

The CCL research found that leaders who refuse to let go of entrenched patterns of behavior, or don’t recognize nuances in situations tend to derail, while successful leaders continue to learn on the job. In other words, successful leaders are learning agile – they’re willing to learn throughout their careers, if not their entire lives.

This research supports Sage Ways’ view that learning agility is a both a mind-set, and a corresponding collection of practices that allow leaders to continually develop, grow, and use new strategies that equip them for the complexities they face.

Behaviors of a Learning Agile Leader

Behaviors of a Learning Agile Leader