Sage Ways ConsultingAction Learning promotes Learning Agility.
Learning Agility drives the performance engine over the long term.

About Action Learning

Action Learning is at the heart of what we do. It’s a powerful method for problem solving, team-building, organizational learning, and leadership development, a method of choice for global companies, government agencies, and nonprofit groups that want to improve quality, cut costs, create new products and services, and change the cultures of their organizations.

What is the concept behind Action Learning?
Action Learning is unique in that its primary objective is to open up fields of possibility through open questioning rather than find answers within established boundaries. This method takes into account that the pursuit of silver bullets – single, right answers – can stifle creativity, and block chances to look at old problems in new ways.

The power of Action Learning comes from real people resolving and taking action on real problems in real time and learning while doing so.

Action Learning Expertise

At Sage Ways, we have a certified pool of Action Learning program designers and coaches who can help you ensure your teams have the best learning experience while working on real-world business issues. We build impactful workshops ranging from half-day to multiple days enabling you to create the capability to change in your organizations.

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Download the free Designing Action Learning Programs: A Practitioner’s Checklist. We use this simple, but invaluable guide to design successful Action Learning programs.

What Clients Are Saying

“It’s the best process I have experienced for team learning and storming/forming quickly & effectively.”

“Our team was interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of the Action Learning process and SageWays came highly-recommended, proving to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. The two-day program was informative, interactive, and it provided our team with the skills to accomplish our goals.”

“They have a great approach for modeling the skills and mindset for Action Learning that supports program design and application.”