Wendy is the lively, intellectual hybrid of master storytelling and the measured scientific method. Being the daughter of a microbiology professor granted her an innate knack for seeing, deciphering and speaking the invisible. And there’s nothing she likes better than a genuine, deeply-understood, well-told tale.

The combination of these forces made her a natural candidate for Journalism school, followed by a 12-year career at Microsoft that spanned operations, data, systems analysis, people and project management, and now consulting. And writing, always writing. She recently earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Nonfiction and drafted a memoir. Her personal essays have been featured in The Huffington Post, Salon, Jezebel, and other publications.

As an early-stage breast cancer survivor who lost her brother and two babies to different health issues, and now as a single mother of a teenage son, she believes that listening to and understanding the stories of individuals we haven’t before heard from, and interpreting stories in new ways, changes people and organizations.

Wendy enjoys travel – as a child, she lived for a year in Australia, and she has since visited Europe, Costa Rica, Tonga, Jamaica, and other destinations. On weekends, you might spy Wendy at an alt-rock concert or poetry reading. Musicians and writers who distill rich, powerful tales down to few or zero beautiful words garner her deepest respect.

Favorite place in nature: Puget Sound