The open secret about Maureen is that she’s actually a product of CGI. This can be an unsettling to folks until they meet her and realize: Maureen’s all about Care, Guidance, and Insight. Care for others has informed each day of her work in HR. It’s what calls her to moonlight as a doula. Her Guidance instincts switched on early (at age two!), when she started leading (admittedly slow and meandering) family hiking trips; these instincts to guide matured and sharpened as she helped clients define, then meet their goals.

Though, we try not to stare, Maureen’s Insight has grown to startling proportions. It may be because of her appetite for international travel and cross-cultural connections, with time spent living time in New Zealand and Kuwait. Or it may be because of her quarter century of marketing, branding, web strategy, and project management experience. But neither we, nor our clients, would want Maureen any other way.

Favorite place in nature: Glacier National Park