Have you ever been kicked by an elephant and lived to tell the tale? No? Okay we haven’t either, but Kris has, and we can’t help but think the incident is illustrative of the unimitigated power and groundedness she brings to bear on her tasks as Sage Ways’ Chief of Operations. Cynics will point out it was just a baby elephant, and that all this shows is a shocking lack of prep in engaging with baby elephants, but we say haters are gonna hate, and the proof is in the air traffic control-level of stuff Kris successfully keeps in the air at any given moment.

You may well ask: where does such on-pointness come from? Is it the 15-year tour of duty as Project Manager at Microsoft? The time spent in Recruiting, Contingent Staffing, Marketing, or Leadership Development? Or is it time spent swimming with Bahamian sharks? (Btw cynics: not one bite!) Nobody can quite put a finger on it, and Kris is way too modest to say. We just know that when stuff needs to get done, and done double-plus right, there she is.

Favorite place in nature: Any alpine lake attainable by a long, meandering hike