Joelle is the most bone-deep of consultants – so much so, that her passion and expertise extends beyond humans. That’s right: not only has she been a Senior Leader, Consultant and Executive Coach for more than two decades, helping organizations articulate and fulfill their missions and visions through their people, and she’s also a long-time mentor, consultant, and board member of the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue.

Joelle brings a Gestalt approach to organization effectiveness and individual, team and leadership development and cross cultural competence. Joelle challenges herself to change her context regularly. From a Fortune 500 aerospace leader, to the African Union Commission, to NGOs, Joelle helps organizations access collective wisdom to create practical solutions while balancing long-term strategic goals. In between, you can find her marveling at the Aurora Borealis above the Arctic Circle, or scuba diving with manta rays.

Favorite place in nature: Under the Aurora Borealis