Anita’s our Founder and Forger of new ground and Facilitatrix par excellence. Who but she could survive a plane crashing – then sinking — into a lake, surface, then call her client to re-schedule their meeting? Anita’s cross-cultural bona fides are informed by work in the capitals of five continents, where she’s served as consultant, facilitator, and executive coach, contributed to the development of global talent management programs, and the design and facilitation of personal development workshops for early-career employees, managers, and high potential leaders.

It’s never kind to ask a lady her age, but just between us, ageless Anita does have a tell: every 25 years, she earns a Master’s degree. Seriously. Like clockwork. And from a different country each time. So without giving too much away, that means Anita’s almost got a diploma to go with each of her passports – American, British, and Indian. She has only a couple decades or so left to make the hat trick.  Download Anita’s complete bio here.

Favorite place in nature: Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

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