Leadership Development: Start Young

As a practitioner of leadership development, I am increasingly concerned that deep experiential learning is reserved for a small minority, typically high-potential or senior leaders. Rather than hoard these practices for the few, why not ensure everyone is equipped for the ever more complex world in which we live? […]

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Your Leadership Edge: Lead Anytime, Anywhere

This book on leadership teaches skills for current and aspiring leaders. Your Leadership Edge: Lead Anytime, Anywhere offers insights about the daily practice of leadership. It’s a practical, comprehensive guide designed to help you hone the behaviors, attitude and mindset necessary to create lasting impact for yourself, your organization […]

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Inside ‘Touchy Feely,’ Stanford’s Iconic MBA Course

Many call it “the most important class I took” in business school, the one with “the greatest lasting impact,” in which “the honesty and rawness is like nothing else.” It’s “an exercise in self-awareness and openness,” the closest thing to “intense group therapy” — “or even going into battle with a group of people.” And […]