Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) programs are a strategic tool for companies looking to build the talent and skills of their workforce while simultaneously addressing real needs in the markets where they do business. CISL programs offer unique opportunities for employees to travel across international borders and apply their work-based skills to projects which serve a third party constituency and deliver a positive social impact.


Navigating the New Normal
We live in a time characterized by seismic shifts – innovative disruptions, hyper-connectivity, extreme complexity and compressed development. Lines are blurring between global and local, and around the conventional role of business in society. The level of interdependence between Developed, Emerging and Frontier Markets has never been greater and corporations aspire to be global, best in class and open 24×7 all at the same time.

Global organizations are under tremendous pressure to redefine themselves, to be agile and responsive to impending challenges and escalating opportunities. Future success will be defined by how leaders navigate “the new normal”.

Global-Ready Leaders
CISL provides high-impact learning experiences to equip current and future leaders with the skills and mind-set to flourish in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. High-potentials, emerging talent and senior executives learn to unleash their full potential through self-discovery, to lead teams, transform organizations and contribute to global society in a connected and sustained fashion.

CISL moves participants outside their comfort zone, pressure testing their skills and helping them think differently. The experience is a catalyst to balancing diverse perspectives, building resilience, and developing global leadership competencies to succeed.

The World Is the Classroom
Participants are challenged with real world projects requiring insight, skills and expertise. Undertaken as a group or individually, these customized experiential learning assignments harness the dynamic social and business environment of high-growth Emerging and Frontier markets to deliver visceral and stretching learning experiences.

Leadership Development
CISL develop leaders in 3 distinct areas – leadership, collaboration and transformation:

  • Leadership: For senior managers and high-potentials, who are transitioning into global leadership roles and in need of strengthening their global mind-set, sharpening critical thinking skills, dealing with ambiguity and cultural diversity.
  •  Collaboration: For leaders of diverse global teams seeking to enhance performance, collaboration, interpersonal skills and team output.
  •  Transformation: For leaders of change, who are responsible for implementing change management or transformation initiatives as part of corporate globalization efforts.

Why CISL Works
Visceral experiences challenge and stretch participants, taking them out of their comfort zones, building self-awareness, confidence, cultural adaptability and learning agility. Leaders build global awareness, live global values, and develop skills that help them transcend boundaries to operate authentically, ethically and successfully.

Sage Ways is the North American partner for Emerging World – a premiere innovator and provider of Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) programs. CISL programs are customized for clients to establish